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    How To Look Like A millionaire When You Don’t Have a Million Dollars

    It’s often said that you want to achieve something, first you need to add what you already have it. It’s the “fake it until you make it” strategy and it can work. But how do you fake a millionaire lifestyle when you haven’t got this?  1. Revamp Your Wardrobe Let’s face it, you can’t look like a millionaire without having a good wardrobe, and this doesn’t mean spending a ton of money. It means buying fewer but better clothes. A good rule of thumb is to spend 3 times as much as you would, but buy one-third as many clothes. Every man should have at least one good suit and every…

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    10 Best Foods To Boost Brainpower and Improve Memory

    You know that how you eat can affect your body, but what you put in your mouth also affects your mood, your brains energy, your memory and even your ability to handle stress, complex problems or simple daily tasks. Though your brain weighs only 2% of your body weight, it consumes 20% of the calories you eat and the more nutrients you eat, the sharper your brain works. To be naturally brainy, eat the following foods liberally. 1.      Legumes Legumes are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. These complex carbohydrates are also mixed with fiber that slow down absorption. Providing a steady supply of glucose to the brain without the…

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    10 Everyday Habits That Drain Your Energy

    Are you feeling exhausted or drained? If it seems like you’re in a personal energy crisis, you’re definitely not alone. Many of us are walking around stressed and sleep-deprived making mental and physical exhaustion more prevalent than ever. Beyond that, some of our daily habits may also be contributing to our persistent fatigue in ways we don’t even realize.  Our well-being and productivity are largely determined by our daily routines. So it’s important to ensure that we’re making choices taking actions that promote wellness and aren’t harmful to our already depleted energy reserves with that in mind. Here are some commonly overlooked habits that can zap your energy and what you…

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    12 Foods That Fight depression and Anxiety

    Although the impact of food on mental wellness may not be as apparent as it is on physical health, there is a significant link between what a person eats and how they feel. Of course it’s not realistic to expect someone in a depressive state to completely overhaul their eating habits. After all, when someone is struggling with depression, it can be hard to even get out of bed some days, and let alone make healthy food choices. Similarly, eating these foods in the middle of an anxiety attack isn’t going to provide instant relief. However, making minor dietary adjustments, they help to alleviate your symptoms and improve your quality…

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    20 Shocking Facts About Food and Beverages

    Food and water are essential for our survival, but the food industry has been tampering with the stuff we consume in order to make it look more appealing, taste better and last longer. We will look at 20 shocking facts about food and beverages in this article that you probably consume everyday. All foods and drinks mentioned here are considered safe to consume. However, these facts my lead you to reconsider before you actually consume them. 1. Burgers The average hamburger contains meat from nearly 100 cattle. Imagine that; pieces from 100 cows just to make a burger. But wait, it gets better. Mass production cows are often raised knee-deep…

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    10 Ways You’re Wasting Money Without Realizing It

    Most of us work hard for our money and the last thing we want to do is throw any of it away. Of course, every once in a while, things do come up, like that time you spent more than you intended to, showing your out-of-town friend a great time or when you dipped into your emergency fund to cover a car repair and this is okay. It’s why building wiggle room into your budget is important. What’s not okay is throwing away money on unnecessary fees, charges and missed opportunities. Here are a few common ways you’re losing money without realizing it. 1. Throwing Out Food When you’re throwing…

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    10 Amazing health Benefits Of Ginger

    When you first think of ginger, you probably think of those gingerbread houses during the holiday season, or maybe ginger ale, carbonated soft drink, but ginger is a popular spice with some powerful medicinal properties. It’s become well known for its many health benefits and people around the world consume it for this reason  1. Helps Manage Blood Sugar Levels Researchers have found that ginger can help keep blood glucose levels in check. This is very important because these levels have direct impact on weight loss and weight gain as well as how energetic or lethargic you feel throughout the day.  If you notice that you are feeling that mid-day…

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    15 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

    We’re going to explore some of the many amazing uses and health benefits of apple cider vinegar. For best results, it’s recommended to use raw, organic, apple cider vinegar with the mother. In case, you’re wondering what the mother is, it’s basically a cluster of enzymes, friendly, bacteria, and strands of proteins. That’s what gives this product that murky cobweb like appearance the most popular brand by far is Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar and you can find it at most health food stores. 1. Balancing The Digestive System To activate the digestive juices and aid digestion, add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water and drink…

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    9 Foods That Cause Inflammation

    While inflammation is your body’s natural response to injury or sickness, when it becomes chronic. It can lead to a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and even stroke. We will be listing 9 foods that cause inflammation in the body. If you’re noticing your skin breaking out more often, experiencing aches and pains or have a perpetual uneasiness in your stomach, your diet might have something to do with it. Many foods contain compounds that affect the body in ways that cause inflammation and one of the first steps in reducing inflammation is recognizing these items and eliminating them from your diet. 1. Added Sugars Juices,…

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    9 Warning Signs Your Stress Has turned Into Depression

    Stress is a part of everyday life in our increasingly busy lives. No matter how well adjusted healthy fortunate, more optimistic we are. Everyone feels stressed out occasionally. While inevitable, it isn’t always bad stress in manageable doses can motivate us to push through difficult situations and get things done. However, prolonged stress can take a toll on mental and physical health resulting in conditions from high blood pressure, depression. Chronic stress increases the stress hormone cortisol and reduces serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitters in the brain. These factors have been linked to depression which negatively impacts your self-image, daily routines and relationships. It can even be life-threatening, so you…