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    Top 10 Vacation Spots In The World

    1. Egypt When most people think of vacation, they want the Sun, the ocean and an escape from everyday life. While Egypt has one of those and if relaxing on the sand is your thing, then you can chalk it up to two. Once the land of the Pharaohs, beetles, incestuous gods and slaves, the modern Egyptian world offers a glimpse of what was once a rich ancient civilization. Tourism in Egypt became popular in the mid-90s, peaked around 2010 and pretty much dropped off after the whole revolution fiasco in 2011. While it may not be considered a luxury vacation spot anymore, the pyramids and tombs still making an enriching…

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    30 Insanely Affordable Budget Travel Destinations To Visit Now.

    One of the most common request through Googling and other online searches is “where to find affordable travel destinations that is not too expensive?” We will go through a list of the coolest and cheapest travel destinations from around the planet. Cape Town, South Africa Situated at the southern tip of the African continent, Cape Town has it all; good beaches, great weather, wine and safaris nearby not to mention an awesome blend of European and African culture. Cape Town may be far away but once you’re there it’s one of the best overall destinations for your money. Vietnam Fifty years ago Vietnam was torn apart by war. Today it’s…

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    Top 25 Places To Visit In The USA

    The US is an incredible country with beautiful Hawaiian Islands and the wild rock formations of the southwest. Each part of the US has something unique to offer that deserves a visit. 25. Lake Tahoe, Nevada and California I have to say that it is my favorite lake in the USA. Located right in the Nevada and California border, Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in America with a depth of over 1600 ft. which is absolutely massive. What I love about this lake is how clear the water is which is such a stunning blue colour. It’s also famous for having smooth granite rocks that peak out of…

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    The 25 Best Beaches In The USA

    In this list we are going to dive into the 25 best beaches in the USA and our top beach destination will show you waters that sparkle like a popular accessory. 25. Ocean City, Maryland Have you ever thought of a beach where you can spend your time like you were in an amusement park? This popular vacation spot in Maryland makes that a reality. It has 10 miles of white sand beach and a 3-mile dog friendly boardwalk. You’ll be mesmerized by the fascinating amusement park rides, bike rentals, shops and treats of Ocean City. You can also book hotels while you soak yourself in the alluring waters of…

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    Top Ten Best Beaches In Texas

    Texas Has a huge variety of beaches and the state boasts over 400 miles of picturesque coastline that is ideal for the perfect summer days. combining warm gulf coast waters with plenty of excellent beach destinations, visitors can swim, sail, kayake, fish or hop on a boat for a fun filled holiday. Both a haven for nature lovers and a hotspot for outdoor adventurers, you can explore some of the best beaches in Texas. If you are visiting Texas and want to stay then keep reading to see the best places for your relaxation benefit. 10. South Padre Island: This beach is located just off the southern tip of Texas,…