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How To Look Like A millionaire When You Don’t Have a Million Dollars

It’s often said that you want to achieve something, first you need to add what you already have it. It’s the “fake it until you make it” strategy and it can work. But how do you fake a millionaire lifestyle when you haven’t got this? 

1. Revamp Your Wardrobe

Let’s face it, you can’t look like a millionaire without having a good wardrobe, and this doesn’t mean spending a ton of money. It means buying fewer but better clothes. A good rule of thumb is to spend 3 times as much as you would, but buy one-third as many clothes.

Every man should have at least one good suit and every woman should have at least one good jacket with matching pants or a skirt. If you learn to buy wardrobes that mix and match well, you can wear the same item or often without dressing the same everyday.

2. Dress To Appear Taller

Powerful people take up space. Subconsciously, we seek leaders who are tall because we associate height with authority. So if you’re lacking this advantage naturally, you can at least create the illusion of height.

This means that women should wear heels that are not booties or “strappy” around the ankle and men should offer dark colors to reject power. To appear taller, it’s also recommended that shorter people go for form-fitting clothes and monochromatic outfits.

3. Learn To Blend In

Millionaires’ dress code is all about subtlety. They’re not trying to stand out but rather blend it. This means that adhering to the uniform of the millionaire.

This means you wear a suit at the office and proper golf clothing on the golf course.

4. Think About Your Accessories

The brand of coffee that you choose has become a style statement. Those who work and socialize with you are just as likely to pick up cues about you, by your coffee selection as all of the other brands you choose to carry.

This doesn’t have to be too heavy on the wallet though. Many of our accessories are pretty unnecessary. So pick accessories that say what you want, and then ditch the rest.

5. Take It Easy With Cologne and Perfume

Interestingly, this advice does not apply everywhere since in places like Italy or France, it is customary to liberally use cologne or perfume. However, Americans should go light. The scent you apply should never be so strong that it distracts them are saying.

The moment you smell your fragrance, you know, you’re wearing too much.

6. Show Good Manners

Wealthy people; traditionally and socially are expected to have good manners, but in any case being well mannered is always a good thing. From communication to dining etiquette, I need to know how to act and how to do certain things when you’re around people.

Others will like you more, when you smile, speak politely and say please and thank you. It’s also important to let others talk, learn to listen, but really listen not just hear what they are saying. Manners cost nothing.

 So treat people exactly how you would like them to treat you. It’s something that business colleagues and clients will appreciate as well.

7. Start Volunteering

Want to hang out with millionaires and learn from them? You would be amazed at how many wealthy people volunteer and support good causes. Volunteering is a great entry into the inner circle of business titans, future tycoons and civil leaders.

Find out where the movers and shakers hang out when they’re doing good work, then go and join them. This is an incredibly inexpensive strategy and it will make you feel good to do something great in the community.

The efforts you expend will increase your network and expose you to opportunities that you might never have seen otherwise.

8. Start Collecting Something Rich

Rich people collect things. Medals, books, records among many other things are all items which can be collected and they draw wealthy influential people. As you get involved in collecting you’ll start reading up on the field and you’ll be able to converse with the wealthy collectors without sounding like an idiot.

The beauty of a collector is that it automatically makes you an expert; a curator of the curiosities that pique your interest.

The learning curve is smooth and natural. It’s almost impossible to fail at it. Every collector is a genius when it comes to his or her own collection.

9. Take Up A Hobby

No matter how busy wealthy people yet, they always have more than enough time to pursue a hobby. An interest in horseback riding inevitably leads to stable ownership. A passion for French wine ultimately results in a Country House in Providence.

You can’t afford to indulge in those pastimes, but with some effort you can cultivate a hobby that will help you gain respect among the elite and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Try sports like skiing, because even the rich aren’t rich enough to have a ski slope in their own backyard. So there’s a greater chance to be in the same place as other people share their hobbies.

10. Get Some Sleep

Have you ever noticed how rich people seem to have this healthy glow? It’s a result of taking care of themselves and one of the easiest ways to take care of yourself, is to get enough sleep. This doesn’t mean that you need 8 hours of sleep every single night but rather enough sleep so that you don’t start looking run down.

You can work out what’s right for you by recording how much time you slept and whether or not you look your best the next day. Once you determine your ideal number of sleep hours, try to get that same amount consistently even on the weekends.

The truth is it’s quite easy to project an air of power and confidence, commonly associated with the wealth regardless of how much money you are earning, as long as you focus on the right things.

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