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How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos

Starting cash cow channels is one of the most acceptable ways to make money on youtube without making videos by yourself. In this business module, you don’t have to create videos. You don’t need to show your face or your voice. Here are 10 niches you can venture into.

10. Psychology

Psychology is one of the best niches and everyone loves to read other people’s minds. They want to look attractive and they want to be a mind chatter and of you tap into the psychology niche, you can see far better results than any other niche. You can hire cash cow managers to work on this cash cow niche.

If you go to youtube and type “Intro into Psychology” you will see people posting viral content on this channel idea.

9. Cryptocurrencies

You don’t have to be a cryptocurrency expert to work on this niche or e=neither do your cash cow managers need to be. All you have to do is hire suitable cash cow managers and let them know to join viral telegram and signal groups.

As they enter the cryptocurrency groups, they will get an idea for the most viral coins and topics vice versa. As cryptocurrency is also trending right now, chances are you will get millions of views within two month’s time period. So the sooner you start in this niche, the best results you will get.

8. Tutorials

Software tutorials or product reviews are some of the best ways to make passive income. Because of this niche, you can create multiple income streams like affiliate marketing, sponsorships, merchandise and more.

It’s so simple to do and all you need to do is just three simple steps. Buy software, review it and upload it on the channel. You can also hire cash cow managers to do this work or I suggest you spend only a thousand dollars for 30 videos every month on this niche, it’s passive income by the way.

7. Motivational Videos

Everyone wants to be motivated in their life to achieve their goals. So what about starting a motivational videos channel.

Now, you don’t need to be a guru or 7-figure entrepreneur to motivate others. All you need to do is hire cash cow mangers or download stock footage by yourself, add motivational or serene music and upload it on your channel.

Here’s the thing. First of all, you need to follow these checklists.

  • Research the niche; go to youtube and search motivational videos.
  • Get ideas from your competitors, watch one or three videos of another channel.
  • Scratch out keywords you find and all the keywords via Vidiq.
  • Hire cash cow managers or make your first video.
  • Proceed to upload on youtube with SEO optimization.

6. Gadgets and Inventions

You can start gadgets and inventions channel as well. It’s one of the highest cpm niches and chances are, if you work on this niche, your videos and channel will blow up within four months. There’s so many channels out there that are working on this specific niche.

Let me show you one of the most viral and biggest channels in that niche and it’s known as TechZone. They’re posting interesting gadgets content and making roughly more than $50,000 every month.

5. Religion

Now I know it’s kind of a controversial niche but only if you do everything by yourself. There are 4,300 religions in the entire world. You can start a channel on some of them like Islam. You just need cash cow managers to do content for you by writing scripts and d everything by them.

4. Personal Care and Style

Everyone wants to look good and they want to be perfect etc. So if you have no ideas regarding this niche just go to Wikihow and search for personal care and style. You would see topic ideas on this niche, just copy two to three topics and search on YouTube.

If I search “How to brush your teeth” on Youtube there are so many people posting content on that. You can therefore replicate the same strategy. However, the cpm of this niche is too high so you have an ample massive opportunity to make a $1,000-$5,000 within the next four to five months.

3. Fitness

Fitness is an excellent niche to get started. For example; search the term “leap fitness”, go to the video section on the channel and as you can see they are posting simple workout videos.

If you search the analytics of the channel on social blade you will see their estimated earnings is around $1,000- $2,000 every month. However, this kind of niche gets lots of sponsorships and affiliate products to promote. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

2. Airplane Videos

When you wish to start a cash cow channel on YouTube on a specific niche, the airplane cash cow channel will blow up your business. The best part is that you’re targeting particular topics on your track.  So you will have 100% chances to grow this channel within 2 months.

1. Relationships

In relationship channels, you have a significant opportunity to grow and earn passive income from multiple streams. You can produce videos related to relationship advice or other. Searching the relationship topic term, for instance “how to know if someone likes you” will get a lot of hits of people making content on that topic.

Whiteboard animation for your videos is also the best way to get more watchtime and engagement rate on your videos so it’s definitely a win-win situation.

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