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Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Sinister Six Scenes Explained and Tobey Maguire Marvel Easter Eggs

This sinister six news is all about the versions of the sinister six characters that we see during the trailer and now with the addition of all these multiverse villains from the Tobey Maguire spider-man movies and the Andrew Garfield spider-man movies, we actually have more than seven members of the sinister six from various versions of the team even Tom Holland said:

you have no idea. It gets even crazier than what you’ve already seen in the trailer footage.

..so we will break it down it all down and thankfully it actually seems like “Venom-Let There Be Carnage” is not going to be delayed now. There will be a lot of Spider-man stuff happening during that but in a slightly different way so I’ll talk about that during my venom videos because it’s not really relevant for what’s happening with the sinister six in spider-man no way home. But during the trailer as we all saw in the past couple of days watching it billions and billions of times , the trailer actually got more views than the avenger endgame trailer did.

Pre-Existing MCU Sinister Six Characters

It just broke Endgame’s record. But during the trailer you can easily spot at least five of the sinister six villains pretty obviously and when I said there were more than seven members of the sinister six team various versions of the team; that’s because of the other sinister six villains from previous MCU spider-man movies like spider-man homecoming and spider-man far from home. But the idea is now that between the Tobey Maguire spider-man movies, the Andrew Garfield spider-man movies in the MCU spiderman movies; we now have enough characters for a relatively comic book accurate version of the sinister six.

Here’s the roster just going down the list and I’ll talk about the scenes from the trailer that feature them just in case you missed them because some of them are little more obvious than others.

Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus

Starting with the most obvious one is Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus. So the Green Goblin scene is this pumpkin bomb getting ready to explode on the the bridge during spider-man’s big fight with Dr. Octopus, the Green goblin’s laugh “the cackle” is William Dafoe’s voice. I know there are a lot of theories about it potentially being somebody else. I believe it’s meant to be William Dafoe. It is his exact same cackle from Tobey Maguire’s Spider-man movies and the exact same pumpkin bomb technology that he used during the first spider-man movie and those bombs don’t just explode they can do a number of different things. They can also destroy organic matter but it seems like in the trailer they’re just using them as straight up bombs and I should have also prefaced this by saying that yes I do think that a lot of the trailer footage is cut in this to be misleading.

They cut it out of order so that the way things unfold in the plot here isn’t the same plot of the movie plays out, but the way the fight scene on the bridge , they make it look like the Goblin bomb is happening in the same scene with the Dr. Octopus fight. Like the sinister six villains have started to work together in a loose team up at this point in the film, wherever this is happening. Just like the Green Goblins bombs being the exact same as the Tobey Maguire spider-man version Dr. Octopus’s arms are the exact same arms from spider-man 2.

There are a lot of people also asking about the red lights on the arms because during spider-man 2 the idea was that when the arms were controlling him the lights in the center of the arms were red and when Dr. Octopus was in control of himself the lights in the center were white. A lot of people were just wondering after the trailer came out if Dr. Octopus in the movie here in Spider-man No Way Home is not in control of himself because at the end of spider-man 2 he had regained control of his own mind from the arms sacrificing himself and dying in the process drowning in the river. It’s true we never saw the body hit the riverbed but the whole idea was that he wasn’t going to die a monster as he said ” he would die a good man” so when he shows up in the trailer with the red lights a lot of fans took that to mean Marvel had not retconned his story arc in the Tobey Maguire Spider-man movies and we’re thinking that maybe he’s a villain now because it’s not really him doing this, it’s the arms in control or messing with his mind somehow. It’s totally possible, it’s a valid theory right now. Just because we don’t have that much footage is just something to consider.

“Hello Peter.”

The whole thing with him knowing that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is Spider-man I think it’s just a trick of the way they edited the trailer. I think these scenes from him suiting up in the iron spider suit and Dr. Octopus saying “hello Peter” are happening out of order. I think the Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus attack happens then he suits up in the iron spider suit to fight, then Dr. Octopus show ups seeing spider-man and because he learned Toby maguire spider-man was Peter Parker at the end of spider-man 2, he probably sees a spider person facing him and just assumes that it’s Peter Parker under the mask.

Usually when it comes to stuff like this, the simplest explanation is the most correct one so that’s two big members of the sinister six. People are saying that William Dafoe’s Green Goblin is supposed to be the one to lead this MCU multiverse version of the team. In the comics it was actually Dr. Octopus who put the first version of the team together maybe they’ll have a reference to that during the movie where both of them are arguing about who’s in charge. Green Goblin worked with the sinister six but he wasn’t part of the team till way later with a different roster.

Electro (Jamie Foxx)

The next big core member that was in the original team; Jamie Foxx’s electro from the Andrew Garfield amazing spider-man movies. As most of you have seen his energy is a little more comic book accurate being yellow this time. so they had made a few minor changes in the name of being more comic book accurate. Supposedly these screenshots are of the sinister six villains in the movie so there are some minor costume changes. Famously Kevin Feige had a whole bunch of notes when amazing Spider–man 2 came out about the Electro character; like there were just some things about his character that he wasn’t a huge fan of. So it sounds like they are using this movie as an opportunity to correct some of those things.

Tobey Maguire Sandman

The other original sinister six villain that you probably spotted here from the Toby Maguire Spider-man 3 movie is Sandman. When he’s wearing the black and gold costume, getting blasted by Electro you see the earth rise up super huge and seem like it’s forming into a monster-sized face. Most people believe that this is evidence of Sandman in the film. For those of you that are also asking about this red light in the trailer, some people are wondering if this is another Spider-man like Andrew Garfield or Toby Marguire. The red light I believe is actually just from one of the towers that Electro destroys so it’s not meant to be a second spider-man in this scene.

Andrew Garfield Lizard

The next big sinister six villain that we supposedly spot on the trailer is the lizard. Since the trailer has come out so many people have been all over instagram and other social media platforms trying to color correct and re-light this scene in the sanctum with the hand swiping Peter and it does kind of seem like the The Lizard. Also separately as you may have spotted it does seem like the inside of the feast shelter where spider-man seems like he’s chasing one of the villains he rips his mask off. Zoom and enhance and you can see what seems like claw marks across his chest as if The Lizard has torn through his suit.

Even though we don’t actually see them fighting in the trailer, we still have Mysterio himself. There have been lots of theories about him faking his death. The quentin Beck Mysterio but even if he’s dead, William Genteriva stole all his Mysterio technology so he could become a new Mysterio. Either way you still have Mysterio who was one of the original sinister six members .


Then there’s Michael Keane’s Vulture character who’s already shown up in the Morbius movie along with the Tobey Maguire spider-man suit. Michael Keane made it sound last year like he was coming back during Spider-man No Way Home but no idea if it’s just a small part, a cameo or something larger. Vulture was also part of that original sinister six team.

Scorpion and Shocker 2.0

We also still have Michael Mando’s scorpion and the second version of the shocker both for Spider-man Homecoming. Michael Mando made it sound like he was coming back at some point and even though we do know Sony is doing a Kraven The Hunter Movie now on their own; not part of the MCU. Aaron Taylor Johnson is playing Kraven so be sure to make all the quicksilver multiverse jokes. But as far as I know Kraven The Hunter is not a character in Spider-man No Way Home. But the point being marvel does have enough characters for a very comic book accurate versionof the original team inside the MCU using the multiverse in the Tobey Maguire Spider-man movies and the Andrew garfield spider-man movies. Most of them are pulled into the main MCU universe as a side effect of peter and Dr. Strange’s spell and whats’s happening in this mystery box.

Doctor Strange Magic Box

The box seems like it’s a plot point with the way they treat it in the trailer with the spell. As Dr. Strange is weaving the spell and explains that in order to make the world forget peter parker “one more day’ style, he’s going to combine aspects of alternate timelines where the world didn’t learn his secret identity but peter parker starts flipping out mid-spell. It seems like it messes with things just a little bit. here’s the thing with Dr. Strange though you notice that while the spell is happening and they’re manipulating alternate realities and timelines, when Dr. Strange finishes the spell and seemingly takes them out of his m=nexus point; like this place in the basement of the sanctum becomes a multiverse way station for a second. He’s left with this little ball of woven energy and then it seems like it represents the timeline changes and I believe the idea is that he puts that energy into the box.

The box itself as you’ll notice has the same symbol of agamotto on it that’s on the amulet and the same symbol in the window of the sanctum. so I believe it’s part of the enchantment meant to protect our reality; like the enchantments in all the sanctums cover the earth in a protective barrier to prevent the multiverse villains like Dormammu or Shumagorith from breaking into the main MCU reality and becaue the lizard seemingly is attacking spider-man here while this is all going on in the basement of the sanctum, while they’re messing with alternate universe’s. A lot of people are thiking that the box is somehow this multiverse’s jail so to speak for the sinister six characters. Like he’s trapped them within the box. we proceed to see spider-man trying to pull a fast one on Dr. Strange, them getting into it like spider-man’s hand is stuck in the box while Dr. Strange is trying to separate him into his astral form and it might wind up being spider-man who inadvertently unleashes the sinister six characters for real thinking that if he releases the energy from the spell it will fixx everything that he thinks is broken. He changes his mind about the spell because erasing knowledge of his identity will also erase him form the minds of the other avengers characters. So maybe he thinks that releasing the energy that Dr. Strange put in a box will fix everything but secretly as you would expect he ruins everything; it only makes things worse.

Releasing the sinister six multiverse characters on this world and now the title No Way Home makes a little more sense applying to both spider-man and the sinister six character story lines. It seems like spider-man has no way home to the original timeline where he was in the relationship with MJ. Where he became an avenger; like that’s the home that he’s trying to get back to.

Sinister Six No Way Home

For the sinister six characters; the multiverse ones, there’s no way home theoretically to their original universe. Because if they were to truly fix everything; make it go back to the way it was, they go back to being dead. All these ones died fighting their versions of spider-man, so you have to imagine Green Goblin sort of pitching them on the idea of a sinister six team up. If we are talking about the future of the MCU think about it this way, Dr. Strange 2 Multiverse of madness is supposed to happen directly after spider-man no way home and it’s implied that the multiverse will get even crazier during that, even worse during Dr. Strange 2. As the title implies that also means that they probably do not fix all the multiverse derps before the end of spider-man No Way Home meaning some of these Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield characters are here to stay in the MCU for good or at least until they get killed off.

There are more than the original six members of the team in this movie. There’s so many characters; that means they will probably wind up killing at least one or two people in the movie and when you think about the future if the sinister six as a franchise by itself; like spin-off movies for the six characters. Remember back during the Andrew Garfield era of spider-man Sony wanted to make a sinister six movie and that was not going to be Amazing Spider-man 3. They were going to do Amazing Spider-man 3 but also a sin-off sinister six film so it sounds like Sony wants to get to the point where they can do that new franchise again; create new sinister six movies but have them be completely different from the linear spider-man sequels and spider-man no way home is just setting the stage for that making that possible using the multiverse trope.

I’m sure there’s still a thousand questions going on about the movies. as Tom Holland said “this is just the beginning; it gets so much crazier than this so we have barely seen any of the movie even though it seems like we know a lot about what’s going on. There are also all kinds of rumours about X-men Fox characters showing up during Dr. Strange 2

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